"Friendly Staff, Punctual Maintenance. Low cost utilities and rent. Neighbors are super friendly, polite, courteous of your privacy and they are not disruptive. Clean, remodeled apartments. LOVE IT HERE!"

Adrienne H.

"The Commons has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The residents and staff have been very kind.."

Melody D.

"I chose the Commons Apartment complex for the neighborhood. Quiet, tucked away from the city, it's nice, clean, manicured lawns and landscaping. The rent is reasonable . Staff is very sweet, knowledgeable and kind. I hope to be here for quite a while."

Kelly R.

"Our reasons for choosing Laporte Commons: Great price range. Large Closets. Close to Everything. Very Friendly Environment. Very welcoming, Fast results on getting the apartment."

Ashley and Jamilyn

"I was impressed with the apartment and the landscaping is lovely. I would highly recommend this apartment complex.

Susan W.

"When I walked in the Commons, the manager was super friendly and understanding of our situation. She made me feel comfortable and made us feel like the Commons we could call home. I liked the way the lawns are kept. So far the people I have met are friendly...I am calling the Commons my new home for my two daughters and my mother...thank you very much!!"

Patricia C. and Jenny C.

"Everyone has been  excellent is helping us move in,..very patient and helpful. The maintenance did a really good job on getting the apartment ready. Thanks for everything!"

Theresa and Will F.

"Laporte Commons has been and will continue to be a wonderful living environment and experience for me.  The very quiet living environment and rustic scenery appeal to me very much. Service to the apartment is fast and efficient as well. Thank you."

Michael A.

"I chose LaPorte Commons because of the location...moderately priced and allowed pets. I was sold on cleanliness of the apartment as well as the grounds. "

Thomas P.

"My child feels safe and we enjoy the area."

Christon C.

"Reasons for choosing Laporte Commons:
Price, location, spacious, well kept, good service."

Jeffrey D. and Morgan U.

"Looks friendly and family oriented. Like the location."

Jessica H.

"My son and I both love the quiet but neighborly complex we live in."

Mark K.

LaPorte Commons

2400 Andrew Ave
La Porte, IN 46350

(219) 362-6040


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